Different printed pieces demand different techniques, different presses, different types of expertise.  Providing print solutions with digital, screen, and offset printing, O'RYAN GROUP offers every advantage in flexibility, quality and cost effectiveness.

Digital Printing

O’Ryan Group recognizes that all digital printing projects have different demands and opportunities.  We match the printing device (flat bed or roll digital printer) with the size, format, materials and resolution needs of each and every job.  Whether you need building or vehicle wraps, prototype signage, or other low run specialty projects, we are here to match the right process with the job.

Screen Printing

Single color, multi color, or specialty UV finishes are possible with modern screen printing methods.  Screen printing has a distinct advantage as a production process when large sizes, thick substrates, outdoor durability, small to mid-range quantities, or vibrant and specialty colors are required.  For example, prices can be kept low on 1-color jobs by using our single color presses.  With our 6-color in line presses, cost-effective quality high-speed output is obtained.  We are skilled at determining the proper printing process to use based upon the needs of each job.

Offset Lithography

O’Ryan Group can offer multiple options for litho printing, regardless of size, on most substances from sheet fed to web.  We will set your job on the best quality and most cost effective press, with all the best in line finishing features.  When it comes to sheet fed, we can print up to 81 inches in 6 colors, and print stock up to .036 inch thick board or plastic; thicker substrates can be printed and mounted.  For direct mailers, booklets, brochures etc, we can go ½ to full web.